Attractions in Boracay

Mount Luho

Mount Luho boasts the highest viewpoint in Boracay where observers can take in the spectacular natural splendor that the island has to offer. With the peak soaring at an altitude of 100 meters, one only has to pay roughly 150 pesos to enter the trail. For an additional small fee, one can rent a mountain bike or a tricycle for the trek.

Napoleon Sea Sports

For any speed-seeking adventurers, Napoleon Sea Sports offers activities ranging from jet-ski rentals to parasailing.

Red Pirates

Red Pirates offers tourists an opportunity to get off the beach and onto the waves. Sailing atop a 12-person paraw, Red Pirates offers a selection of trips with varying durations. Visit for more information, or call +63 36 288 5767

Tribal Adventures

Do you want a change of pace from your peaceful getaway? Tribal Adventures has a plethora of day trips that can satiate the thirst of any thrill seeker with white-water rafting, snorkeling, sea kayaking, mountain biking and more. Visit for more information, or call +63 920 558 7188

Ariel’s Point

Ariel’s Point has been ranked as a top day-trip getaway in Boracay by Cosmopolitan and Asian Traveler among other publications. At Ariel’s Point you can engage in cliff diving, kayaking and snorkeling in an unsullied tropical environment. Visit for more information.

Horse Riding Stables

The Boracay Riding Stables gives visitors of all experience levels the chance to ride a magnificent horse in an unforgettable setting. Call +63 36 288 3311 for more information, or visit their Facebook page at

Funboard Center

The Funboard Center offers courses in kite-surfing and windsurfing. Visit for more information, or call +63 36 288 3876.

Victory Divers

This world-class diving facility welcomes all diving enthusiasts (including first-timers) to experience diving courses in numerous languages. Visit for more information.

Fisheye Divers

Established in 1997, Firsheye Divers operates fully accredited PADI dive centres, and are well known for their knowledge and experience. Visit or phone +63 288 6090 for more information.

Boracay Pub Crawl

If you’re interested in meeting people from all over the world and getting a taste of Boracay’s nightlife, then this is the event for you. With the slogan “Turn strangers into friends”, this pub crawl encourages all guests to mingle as you visit 5 of Boracay’s top bars. Visit to get your tickets now!

Reef Riders

Reef Riders offers tourists numerous water activities including paddle boarding. Visit or call +63 908 820 2267 for more information.

Electric Chariot Beach Tours

Electric Chariot Beach Tours offers a new and innovative approach at island exploration, where users get to ride on a Segway along various island pathways. Visit their Facebook page HERE or call them at +63 917 324 5609.

Allan Fun Tours

Allan Fun Tours has daily boating trips around Boracay giving passengers an all-inclusive 5 hour trip that includes snorkeling, food, and drinks. Call +63 921 339 8097 or email [email protected] for more information.

Sunny Side Café

This beachfront café serves western sized portions, with each of their classic selections offering a unique taste of Boracay. Visit for more information.